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Water is the most essential element for the life as life without water is impossible. But it is a fact that water available is not always fit for use. Water for each application must be tested & treated as per the application requirement before use. The neglect of water quality can affect the health of your people & machinery. Bad process water can considerably reduce the life of your costly equipment like Boilers, Economisers, Condensers, radiators etc. Similarly the bad quality drinking water can cause deadly diseases like jaundice, Cholera & gastroenteritis.

About the Company

Our organisation HINDUASTAN ENGINEERS is committed to provide complete solution to water related problems of our customers. We have sufficient experienced staff to give individual attention to each customer. We are manufacturers & Suppliers of domestic & industrial water treatment equipment & plants. We are one of the leading service provider in the field of water treatment/Purification & Swimming Pools.

Hindustan Engineers work closely with industries to treat the input water to the desired quality for different processes. Improved quality of processed water helps industries in improving their product as well as lowering operation costs. Hindustan Engineers supplies water treatment systems to treat raw water having various kinds of impurities. These have been installed in different process industries including Chemicals, Power Generation, Pharmaceuticals, Fertilizers, Sugar, Food and Beverages, Texiles, Automobiles, Refineries, Paper and Cement etc.
Increased awareeness of the need for clean water has made the drinking water system an integral part of any building, industry or office. We have supplied systems of various sizes, based on filtration, membrane,separation, disinfection and various other technologies to a number of clients including Institutes, School, Hotels, Hospital, Industries, Office & other Commercial and residential establishment.

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